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「Comic World Hong Kong」Mascot


In the CWHK36 coincides with the CWHK fifth anniversary, we organized a
"CWHK Mascot Anthropomorphic Paintings Design Competition",
the following is winning entries:

Mascot Name : Inko
Gender: Female
Age: 14

cheerful naughty, she likes use her own ink fingers doodle on a blank place ,
sometimes likes doodle on paper, that use ink pen and her own ink fingers.

Design conception:
mascot body is black, ink pen in hand, so imagine a mascot itself is the incarnation of the ink.
... Inko waving ink on white paper, turned into a free white dove flew into the blue sky

Author: Rei

Author's Note: It was because I like human, and also very interested in anthropomorphic, so I participate in this competition 'u')

Here are some other contributions works:

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CWHK吉祥物 四格漫畫:

At CWHK36, we also held a "CWHK mascot anthropomorphic Cosplay Competition", the following are the winner :


Winner's feelings:


I can win this competition is totally unexpected, in the beginning I just want to have fun and to had absorbed about the experience, on that day the other contestants' performances are wonderful, I believe that they have worked hard.


Anyway, I did put a lot of effort, whether on design or production, I did my best. As this is my first time to make clothes, so the process also encountered a lot of problems, but really quite enjoy the process of making. Compared to the past in drawing paper creation, cosplay gives me satisfaction seems to be more intense, because can act their favorite characters, I feel really indescribable.
However, I can get the recognition and appreciation from the judge that is what I am most happy, because I got the identity in my creation. I hope we can continue to put effort in creations, CWHK actually is a really good stage.

Works design sketches:

Here are all the nine finalists’ participants: