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"Cosplay" is the abbreviation of "Costume Play". It is translated as "Role Play" in Taiwan meaning the playing of.roles in commercial productions by dressing up with the same costumes as those of the different characters appearing in animated cartoons, comics, electronic games and audio-visual orchestras.
The interest in role playing originates from sales exhibitions of the Works of Interest Groups. At the beginning, members of Interest Groups dress up as the characters appearing in animated cartoons or electronic games to attract people with the same interest to visit their stands. They are called "Sample Ladies" and such common practice quickly created an explosive popularity. The number of people joining role playing has increased rapidly and its popularity is even comparable with the sales exhibitions of the Works of Interest Groups.
Subsequently, role playing has become not just for helping the sales of the Works of Interest Groups. On the contrary, it simply turns itself into serving the purpose of those who loves role playing as the main stream. Because they are deeply in love with the characters appearing in the different productions, their starting point for role playing is to make characters that only exist in the virtual world appear in real life and at the same time give them an illusion to live in the cartoon world performing the roles of cartoon characters that they are so crazy about.