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"Comic World Hong Kong 44 Brochure Cover (Design)" Competition

Every season of the "Comic World Hong Kong's" brochure covers are awaiting all work from enthusiast's, to encourage more contributors.
next season of the "Comic World Hong Kong 44's" brochure cover, to set up bonus and prizes for the winners and the contributors.

please be eager to participate , we are waiting for your work ah!

One Champion and one Merit Award
● Champion
a primary Japanese Certificate Course (HK$4,400,sponsor「漢科學校」
Works will become a brochure cover of "Comic World Hong Kong 44".  

● Merit award
Can get value of HK$500 or above prizes
Works will be used is the term propaganda posters.

Prizes detail

- Winners are required to attend the "Comic World Hong Kong 44" award ceremony and accept a prize on 20 Aug 2017.
- Entry fee required , if unable to attend , you can find a friend on behalf of you, absentee as giving up , bonuses and prizes no replacement.
- Organizer reserves the right to decide the distribution of all prizes.

• theme of the works  -  free to express, but can not involve violence and pornography ( use comic and character is better )
•  every participant can contribute any number of works
•  contributions must not be ever use for any commercial use
•  contributions will be used on publicity matters of to promote CWHK , such as flyers and website, etc.
• Assembly has the right to use the winning entries
• If can not find a suitable work for the cover in the contributions, then the General Assembly will still be awarded bonus and prizes to the winners , but will find a alternative work for the cover
• contributions will be posted on website and displayed in assembly hall of "Comic World Hong Kong 39" 
• All souvenirs, entry fee are required for contributors, who need to show their identity card to receive in assembly booth during the event, it does not have a replacement after the event

20 JUN 2017
Results of previous winners

Cover of every CWHK